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This course is for anyone with an interest in caring for older people as they become frailer and approach the end of life.

We know that caring for an older person towards the end of life is not easy. With this in mind, we developed a five-week interactive course, which is part of a larger program on caring for older people. It gives you the opportunity to learn and prepare for supporting anyone who is at this important stage of life, and also the people around them.

The big questions this course aims to address are what does end of life actually mean? What are the common symptoms and problems experienced at the end of life? How is caregiving different when we care for someone at this point in life? What needs to happen right before and right after the person dies? How do we grieve?

Throughout the course, learners will be asked to reflect on the presented topics and their own experiences, participate in quizzes, and review and analyse provided materials, like short videos and readings.