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Aging is inevitable and great advances have been made in our understanding of the ageing process and with it the implications it has on our body's ability to function to its maximum potential. If you're over 30 or coach athletes greater than this age group then this module will explain how to:

  • Understand the essential adaptations to an athlete’s training schedule
  • Adapt the ‘standard’ training protocols to ageing athletes
  • Deliver relevant cardio and resistance training programming
  • Maximize the bodies changing systems to ensure continued performance

Bring your energy into the studio and boost your business potential with group indoor cycling.

Our group indoor cycling course has been designed to offer you the skills needed to plan and deliver varied, fun and effective indoor cycling classes.

Study the training methods and riding techniques, class structure, adaptations and progressions, as well as planning to assess and minimise risk.

We offer the course online, helping you to fit your study into your lifestyle, and once completed successfully you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

The Personal Trainer Course is a 3 Month Course. It consists of Online Lessons, Summative Assessments and a Practical Exam Video Submission. All students need to achieve 70% for all assessments in order to be deemed competent for this course.

Students will have to complete 75 practical hours, in which they document in there logbook. 

Many athletes, coaches, and support staff are taking an increasingly scientific approach to both designing and monitoring training programs. Appropriate load monitoring can aid in determining whether an athlete is adapting to a training program and in minimizing the risk of developing non-functional overreaching, illness, and/or injury. In order to gain an understanding of the training load and its effect on the athlete, a number of potential markers are available for use.

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Do you want to make a change in your workout? are you interested in ramping up your fitness state? or you may be looking to add kettlebells to your weight lifting program? this is the course for you. 

Unlike traditional gym workouts, kettlebells are dynamic and efficient. they target almost every aspect of fitness, including strength, agility, balance and endurance.

In this course you will, find a multi level fitness programming that will give you an intense, efficient, and body strengthening workout at any level.

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Introdução ao indoor Cycling.

Este curso aborda os principais temas que te permitirão realizar a melhor classe de Indoor Cycling. Neste curso vais aprender os ajuste da bicicleta, o treino por zonas alvo, o giro, a musica e a estrutura do treino.

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