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Snow Associtiates

Action dialogue to promote change and Innovation

At Snow Associates YOU are at the centre of our exploration and dialogue. 

We approach your human capital growth with a fresh and innovative outlook. We believe that when the individual has an appreciation of their inner-world, and their reciprocal impact on their environment, they are empowered - on all levels, to be great leaders. Together with the client (sponsor and team leader / individual) we design a solution to their unique challenge. The solution may include any or all of the diagnostics we have at our disposal both within the organisation and those offered by our associates. These may include:

  • Individual Leadership Behaviour Analysis
  • Individual Self Awareness
  • Team Awareness
  • Action Dialogue Coaching
  • Leadership Traits Diagnostic
  • Organisational Wellbeing and Cultural Diagnostics
  • Customer Service Training 
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When organizations come to us to see if we can help develop their employees' soft skills through online training, we sometimes advise them to wait. It's not always best to start training online. Motivated by increased effect and cost reduction, many organizations make the switch from conventional classroom training. The first, however, does not always take place. If you recognize any of these four points below in your organization, it might be best not to implement training online just yet.

GetGraduated On-Demand Training gives you the ability to learn from industry experts at your own pace and according to your needs. Our courses are designed to cover your expectations and fullfill the knolodge gaps while you and your company stay up-to-date on the latest knolodge available! You can also use our SNOWASSOCIATES partner for innovation orientated guidance to succeed in your personal ambitions and corporate objectives.

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